%45 discount for TAV Passport Members!

%45 discount for TAV Passport Members!

45% discount for Tav Passport Members.


•All Tav Passport Members can use this offer.
•The offer is valid until 31 December 2017.
•Avis Rental Terms and Conditions apply to the rental.
•The offer is limited with the availability of fleet.
•This offer cannot be combined with other offers
•The offer is valid in all Avis offices in Turkey.
•Tav Passport Cars must be showed during the payment at the office.
•Campaign is valid for domestic rents.


Total rental fee and assurance amounts are collected in advance at the beginning of the rent from the credit card of the person, who rented the vehicle. Double credit cards must be presented for Group C, E, P, L, and K vehicles. Any invoice amount difference that might occur at the end of the rent is collected from or refunded to the same credit card. Holder of the credit card must be personally available during the rent. It is not allowed to rent a car with a credit card that was issued for another person. In addition to the rental fee, an amount, ranging between 300 and 2250 TL, will be collected as a deposit or pre-provision block, based on the group of vehicle to be rented, from the credit card presented by the customer. Therefore the credit card must have enough limits (equal to total amount of rental fee and deposit). The amounts collected or blocked as down payments will be refunded to the same credit card or the blockage will be removed at the end of rental period after, if any, the fees for additional services, guarantees, fuel, damages, fines, etc., which are not included to the reservation price, are deducted. Deposit refunds are reflected to your account within 3-5 business days after the refund due to internal procedures of the banks. In case of a foreign credit card, refunds are reflected to your account within 10-14 business day.