Enjoy 30% discount and win miles from your car rentals from Avis until 31 December 2019!

1000 bonus Miles for 3-6 days, a total of 1500 Miles
2000 bonus Miles for 7-9 days, a total of 2500 Miles
3500 bonus Miles for 10+ days, a total of 4000 Miles

Terms & Conditions – Earning Miles:

1. The campaign is valid for rentals in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, the USA, Canada and Turkey.
2. The maximum prize is 6,500 Miles.
3. To win miles, reservations must be made using the Miles & Smiles / Avis discount number: Classic Member E191400, Elite Member E203800 or Garanti Miles & Smiles K421200.
4. Reservations over (with Miles & Smiles membership level selected) will be automatically placed in an AWD.
5. The campaign is valid for reservations made through all Avis websites and reservation centers.
6. If there is another AWD number in the rental reservation, no bonus miles will be awarded.
7. If any other AWD number is available on the customer's Avis Preferred profile and if it is not used for this rental reservation, no Bonus Miles will be awarded, and it cannot be withdrawn once it has been reserved.
8. In order to win miles, the first tenant must submit their Miles & Smiles membership number ("tenant").
9. The offer is valid only for separate rentals and not for consecutive paid rentals.
10. Avis contracted (company / government) rates / AWDs, car rentals with drivers are not eligible for winning Miles & Smiles Miles. Staff programs for THY and Avis employees, insurance rates, selected affiliation programs, and net fee programs are not eligible for Miles.
11. This offer does not apply to Prestige rentals worldwide.
12. Receiving the Miles & Smiles miles may take up to 8 weeks from the end of rental.
13. This offer and all Miles & Smiles miles wins are subject to the terms and conditions of Miles & Smiles.


Total rental fee and assurance amounts are collected in advance at the beginning of the rent from the credit card of the person who rented the vehicle. Cash, debit card and virtual card payments are not accepted. Two credit cards from separate banks must be presented for Group C, E, P, L, K vehicles. The rental agreement is initiated upon rental and is governed by the laws and regulations of the country where the rental takes place. AVIS General Terms of Rental apply in all rentals.
Any invoice amount difference that might occur at the end of the rent is collected from or refunded to the same credit card. Holder of the credit card must be present in person during the rent. It is not allowed to rent a car with a credit card issued for another person. In addition to the rental fee, the company collects a certain amount of deposit from the credit card submitted by the customer, depending on the brand and model of the vehicle. Therefore the credit card must have sufficient limit (equal to total amount of rental fee and deposit). The amount collected as down payment will be refunded to the same credit card at the end of rental period after, if any, the fees for additional services, guarantees, lacking fuel, damages, fines, etc., which are not included in the reservation fee, are deducted. Deposit refunds are reflected to your account within 3-5 business days after refund due to internal procedures of the banks.

Click here for General Terms of Rental and Insurance.
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