Things To Do in Case of an Accident

In all cases of damage, first ensure your own safety, then the safety of passengers, if any, and take the necessary precautions for first aid. In the event of an accident, please notify out Avis Full Support Service about the damage and ensure that the file is opened by dialing 2 at 444 28 47. Submit your car and documents completely to the nearest service where our Avis Full Support Service directs you or has the car towed.

In the event of damage, the period of submission of the damage documents to the insurance company is limited to 5 working days. For this reason, after taking copies of all documents related to the damage as backup, the originals must be submitted against signature to the service officer for repair within 3 working days at the latest. (It is sufficient to get the signature of the service representative on the photocopy.)

All kinds of loss and damage which may occur as a result of not fulfilling obligations such as failure to call Avis Full Support Service at the time of damage/to be called late, not preparing the required damage documents as reported, missing and/or inaccuracies in the information given in the notification stage and/or the minutes, issuing a report contrary to the truth, missing signatures, late delivery of damage documents, etc., including the ones claimed by third persons will be borne jointly by the relevant car driver and renting customer.

In More Than One Vehicle Accident Which The Accident Detection Record Is Not Valid

The accident report must be filled in completely and each copy of the report submitted to parties must bear a original signatures.
Each vehicle involved in the accident must provide the following documents;
- driving license,
- vehicle license,
- traffic policy,
- accident report
- accident scene photographs.
Multiple forms can be used in traffic accidents involving more than one vehicle or when deemed necessary. The prepared reports can be photocopied.
Along with the report, detailed photographs are taken from various angles showing the vehicles and accident scene in a clear way to demonstrate the occurrence of accident and positions of vehicles at the moment of accident, without moving the vehicles from the accident scene. Photographs taken are assessed together with the report to determine the rate of damage and defect.
The situations where the agreed report is invalid or not appropriate are as follows;
- If a motor vehicle is used without a driver's license or with insufficient driver's license,
- If the driver is not of age suitable for driving,
- If the driver is suspected for alcohol or mental disorders,
- If one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident belong to public institutions,
- If there is damage to property belonging to public institutions, 
- If the belongings of third parties are damaged in the accident, 
- If one or more of the vehicles involved in the accident do not have traffic insurance, 
If the accident resulted in death and/or physical damage, notify the traffic police by calling 154-155 or the Gendarmerie by calling 156 if suitable.
The accident report, which is not signed by all the parties involved in the accident, is not written inaccurately or is not issued at the time of the accident, will not be considered valid. All legal and criminal liability for the reports issued contrary to the truth will belong to those who prepared the report and/or rented the car. 

Accident While Driving

Do not move your vehicle. Call our full support line and report the damage. It is important to give correct information to our Full Support Line in the creation of your file so that your vehicle is not kept wait in service.