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Avis, where you can find cars in every segment in the rental car fleet, is also the car rental company with the broadest fleet. Aiming to offer a successful customer experience at all times, Avis presents its fleet to its customers under 6 different car groups as Economy, Comfort, Prestige, Premium, Luxury and Van.

Prestige Car Models

The rental car models in the Prestige car fleet consist of cars in a higher segment compared to those in the Economy and Comfort car fleets. With the capacity to carry 5 adults and 2 large suitcases, our Prestige rental cars offer a safe journey with anti-lock braking system and technological equipment.

Car Fleet

  • BMW 2 Serisi
  • Ford Kuga 1.5
  • Opel Insignia 1.6

Rental Conditions

  • You are required to be minimum 27 years old for Opel Insignia 1.6, and minimum 25 years old for other cars, 
  • To have a driver's license for at least 2 years for Opel Insignia 1.6 and at least 3 years for other cars,
  • To have 1 credit card.

Rental car prices in the Prestige car fleet may vary. Car rental campaigns can be followed to rent Prestige cars at more affordable prices.

Why Should You Choose Prestigious Cars?

Avis' Prestige cars offer all the features of a Premium car. Prestige cars also resemble luxury cars thanks to the same high-quality materials they have as well as their technological and security properties. Therefore, when you rent a Prestigious car, you get the comfort and high quality of a luxury car at a more affordable price.

When you rent a Prestige car from Avis for your travels, you can enjoy high quality equipment, spacious interior and technological equipment in addition to the experience of driving an affordable luxury car.

What is the Difference Between Prestige Car and ComfortCar?

When you compare Prestige cars and Comfort cars, one of the most important features that distinguish Prestige cars is the accessories and technologies added for aesthetic purposes.

In our prestige car fleet, there are also SUV body type cars in addition to sedan and hatchback body cars, which are also found in Comfort cars. The gears of Prestige cars, with fuel types diesel and gasoline, are automatic.

Thanks to the features provided by the cars in this segment, it is indispensable for those who want to benefit from the innovations brought by technology as they do not compromise their comfort during their journey. Prestigious cars with a higher and wider structure compared to comfort cars become a good option for large car lovers. Prestige cars can accommodate more passengers compared to Comfort cars.

Rent a Prestige car from Avis now to ensure affordable first-class quality, technological equipment and comfort while traveling!