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A Day in Ayvalık

A Day in Ayvalık

Renting a car in Ayvalık should be on your to-do list in this lovely district of the Aegean. Because Ayvalık is a very generous location in terms of places to visit. By renting a car in Ayvalık, you will be able to use the time you spend here more efficiently and see every place on your list in one day. You can quickly rent a car from Avis Ayvalık Rent a car office. So, what are the places to visit in Ayvalık? Where do you have to see before leaving the district? What to eat in Ayvalık? We asked these questions to locals of Ayvalık and prepared a guide for you based on the answers we received.

What to Eat in Ayvalık?

Cibez herb, glasswort, chicory, nettle salad, stuffed zucchini flower, horseradish and many more... Delicious Aegean herbs stand out as the stars of Ayvalık's cuisine. Local people recommend you to eat fish with the appetizers prepared with these delicious herbs. Papalina, sea bass, sardines and sea bream are the favorites of the table. You should definitely eat Ayvalık toast for breakfast, and try the curd dessert and ice cream.

Breakfast in Ayvalık

Breakfast in Ayvalık

Renting a car in Ayvalık was the first item of your to-do list. Now that you have rented your car, you can proceed to the second item. Devil's Feast Hill is a common recommendation of everyone for breakfast in Ayvalık. When you see the magnificent view of Devil's Table, you will bettere understand why this is the common recommendation. You can have a great breakfast accompanied by the view of Lesbos and Ayvalık on the hill, which is believed to have the footprint of the devil and resembling a table. You can choose the famous Ayvalık toast for a lighter breakfast, while the mixed breakfast tables, which always include natural and homemade products, offer a great feast of taste.

Lunch in Ayvalık

For lunch, we recommend you to visit Alibey Island, which is about 9 km from the center. You can prefer places that are famous for fish and appetizers on the island, also known with the name Cunda. Mackerel, fish bacon, calamari with zucchini, steamed fish with white sauce, zucchini flower pastry and kydonia with cottage cheese are some of the tastes that you must try at lunch.

Places to Visit in Ayvalık

Places to Visit in Ayvalık

After the sea, it is time to see the historical places of Ayvalık. In the center, which attracts attention with its architectural texture, we recommend you to see the Taksiyarhis Church, the Ayazma Church and Saatli (Clock) Mosque. If you wish, you can start your cultural tour by seeing the buildings of Cunda, blended with Greek and Turkish architectural styles, and then continue your tour in the center.

Evening Pleasure in Ayvalık

Evening Pleasure in Ayvalık

You spent a wonderful day in Ayvalık. It is time to end this beautiful day with a greater evening. You can watch the sunset on Alibey Island or at Devil's Table. Shrimp ravioli, sea urchin appetizer, sardine on grapevine, fish saganaki, octopus salad, ink fish with beğendi, papalina, Cretan appetizer are some of the flavors to accompany your wonderful view.

Nightlife in Ayvalık

If you still have some energy, you can stop by the bars street. Greek taverns in Cunda are also among the entertaining options for the night.

Ayvalık Car Rental

After completing your car rental transactions from Avis Ayvalık office, you can discover the beauties of the city more comfortably and quickly. You can make your booking for renting a car in Ayvalık by phone or via our website.

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