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A Day in Batman

A Day in Batman

Hasankeyf is one of the most magnificent cities of Mesopotamia that survived to our day with its deep-rooted history. The city is undoubtedly a primary reason to go to Batman. The most practical way to explore Hasankeyf is to rent a car. You can quickly arrange your car rental process from Avis Batman car rental office. After the car rental process, all you have to do is to hit the road. So, what to eat in Batman? What are the historical places of Batman? We asked these questions the locals of the city to guide your trip. You can plan your day with the guide we prepared based on the answers we received. After renting a car in Batman, you can explore the city with these recommendations.

Breakfast in Batman

It is a great choice to start the day with breakfast prepared with traditional flavors in Batman. In addition to the flavors unique to Batman, you can also consider different breakfast foods served in the venues that offer Van breakfast experience.

Places to Visit in Batman

Sason, built on the foot of Mount Mereto, which is sacred to Armenians, is one of the places we recommend you see around Batman. You can explore the mountain, which has a very impressive view, by participating in tour organizations. After your tour to Mereto Mountain, you can examine the historical ruins and houses in Sason closely.

A Delicious Break

A Delicious Break

It would be a good choice to take a lunch break before continuing your Batman tour energetically. Batman style kütülk, stuffed mumbar and Damascus pastry are some of the local flavors you can choose for lunch.

Continue Exploring

Continue Exploring

What are the historical places of Batman? Hasankeyf was the first answer we received without any doubt. The city, which has a history of about 12 thousand years, is one of the most exotic destinations of the east. Faced with the danger of being flooded by the dam, this magnificently beautiful city fascinates the visitors. On your way to this unique historical destination, you will be very pleased that you rented a car when you realize how far these destinations are from the city center. Hasankeyf, which is about 40 km from Batman city center, is located on both sides of the Tigris River, which has been the subject of legends. You should spare half a day to see this unique city where you will feel the time stops. It will be an interesting experience to see the vineyards of Gercüş as well as the unique atmosphere and stone houses Kırkat Lake, which are about 25 km from Hasankeyf.

Evening Pleasure in Batman

Evening Pleasure in Batman

You can start a delicious dinner in Batman with leban with yoghurt, ayran soup or yayla soup. Afterwards, the recommendations of the locals of the city generally point out to red meat. Stuffed ribs, curtain pilaf, winter-style dolma and tırşık are some of the dishes you can prefer for dinner.

Nightlife in Batman

We have to say that Batman is not vibrant in terms of nightlife. You can prefer the cafés and bars in the hotels serving in the hotels in the city to continue the night.

Batman Car Rental

You can discover the beauties of the city more easily and quickly by renting a car from the Avis Batman rent a car office. You can make your booking for renting a car in Batman by phone or via our website.

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