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A Day in Manisa

A Day in Manisa

We prepared a travel program for you based on the suggestions we received from people living in Manisa, one of the most special cities of the Aegean. What to eat in Manisa? What are the places to visit in Manisa? We asked these questions to the locals of Manisa. You can take a look at the travel program we have prepared in line with the answers we received and get inspiration for your own plan. You can rent a car in Manisa to make your trip more comfortable and then explore this city as you wish.

Breakfast in Manisa

Breakfast in Manisa

Although there are many places where you can have breakfast in the city center, you can also consider the places that offer the opportunity to have breakfast in touch with the beauty of nature while climbing Spil Mountain. You can start the day with a breakfast table full of homemade flavors in these venues where you will have the opportunity to see the city from above. Sugar pita, tahini bread, pişi and bagel bread are some of the special Manisa dishes you can choose for breakfast.

Places to Visit in Manisa

Places to Visit in Manisa

After breakfast, it is time to set off towards historical beauties to explore the city. Our first stop is Sardes Ancient City, which has been the capital of the Lydian Civilization since 1300 BC. This place is approximately 70 km from the city center. Besides being the starting point of the King's Road, Sardes is the city where the first money was coined. Lydian Tumuli, known as the Thousand Hills and considered to be the world's largest tumulus, are also located in this ancient city.

A Delicious Break

If you look for a nearby stop for lunch, you can venues places famous for their barbecue and grills. We have no doubt that you will have a very enjoyable lunch as you can find menus prepared with daily fresh meat in many venues in the city. If you want to focus on local delicacies among the suggestions made for lunch, Kula casserole, pideli paça and kapama mantı are the options that attract attention.

Continue Exploring

After lunch, you can visit Muradiye Mosque. Carrying the traces of classical Ottoman architecture, Muradiye was built between the years 1583 and 1585. It was built in the name of Murat. Spil Mountain National Park, 22 km away from Muradiye Mosque, and Manisa Castle, located at the foot of Spil Mountain, should also be on your list of things to see. Although the construction date of the castle is not known clearly, it is thought that it was built by Magnets, the founders of the city.

Evening Pleasure

After discovering the beauties of the city, you are ready to close the day with a great dinner. It can be a bit difficult to choose among the local dishes for dinner. Our suggestions for a pleasant dinner are keshkek with meat, Manisa kebab, ear soup, sinkonta and bohça kebab.

Nightlife in Manisa

If you do not want to end your Manisa tour early, you can choose venues where you can continue the night and where live music performances are staged. Roof bars of the hotels in the city are also good options to end the night.