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Yeni Terminal Caddesi. Mavi Site C Blok No:5

Phone erzurum@avis.com.tr

Monday - Sunday 10:00 - 17:00
Erzurum Rent A Car

Erzurum Rent A Car

Known as the "Land of Dadaş", Erzurum is also the second most crowded city of Eastern Anatolia. Located at an important crossroad due to its geographical location, Erzurum is considered as one of the cities that can be toured enjoyably with a rental car. Erzurum, which is a must for sightseeing routes with the traces it carries from different civilizations it has hosted and its eye-catching natural beauties in addition to its historical structure, offers many alternatives to those who want to receive car rental service. Since Avis Erzurum Central rent a car office is located in a central point of the city, it is easily accessible even by people who do not know the city and set foot for the first time. Those who want to come to the city where the continental climate prevails mostly prefer transportation by air. Upon arriving the city, Erzurum provides the opportunity to make life easier for its visitors with car rental services.

The city, which has wide opportunities in terms of winter tourism, offers its visitors a feast with its cultural and historical richness as well as its unique cuisine. Those who do not want to compromise on a comfortable, easy, safe and flexible travel while exploring the unique beauties of Erzurum, can visit the Erzurum Center car rental office and benefit from Avis's top quality services. Avis continues to renew and expand its vehicle fleet in order to meet the needs of all customers with different expectations in a fast and complete manner. Acting on the principle of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level, Avis offers its customers comfortable, fast, reliable and comfortable vehicles, which are regularly maintained, with the most affordable prices. It has a widespread service network in the car rental sector and pays attention to make the pleasure of high quality and safe driving accessible to every customer at any time and in any location.

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Erzurum Havalimanı İç Hatlar Gelen Yolcu Salonu

Telefon 0442 211 11 43

Monday - Sunday 09:00 - 17:30