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Cumhuriyet caddesi tuğ mah.tatvan belediye binası yanı.no/1 BİTLİS/TATVAN

Phone tatvan@avis.com.tr

Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 18:00
Bitlis Tatvan Rent A Car

Bitlis Tatvan Rent A Car

Stretching from the west coast of Lake Van to the skirts of Mount Nemrut, Tatvan is known as one of the most beautiful districts of Bitlis. Located on the Silk Road, one of the oldest and most important trade routes in the world, the region has many alternatives that can be visited with Avis Tatvan rent a car service. Having a rich historical texture, the district hosts many historical artifacts. Tatvan attracts attention of those who choose the car rental method with its proximity to many extraordinary locations that deserve to be explored thanks to its untouched natural beauty and historical texture. Tatvan is among most popular touristic destinations in the Eastern Anatolia Region, and has great potential in the car rental industry. People who want to receive Bitlis Tatvan rent a car service have a great advantage in terms of ease of transportation thanks to the location of the Avis Bitlis Tatvan rent a car office in a central area.
Car rental services are becoming more and more important in our country every day. Due to the developments in the tourism sector and the increase in the number of airports, many people need short- or long-term car rental in the cities they visit for any reason. Avis offers a service that facilitates both the rental process and the life for its customers with its wide vehicle fleet and different alternatives for every need. Avis customers, who have the chance to plan their travel away from the crowds and independently, can have sufficient time and flexibility to discover all the beauties of the city. They can benefit from privileged, quality and economical services of Avis, and can choose the vehicle that best suits their needs and conduct their rental process quickly and reliably thanks to the experienced personnel who have vast technical knowledge in the field.