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Gaziantep Airport

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Gaziantep Havalimanı İç hatlar Gelen Yolcu Salonu Oğuzeli / Gaziantep


Monday - Sunday 00:00 - 23:59
Gaziantep Airport Rent A Car

Gaziantep Airport Rent A Car

Known for its famous dishes, Gaziantep welcomes many guests throughout the year due to culinary tourism. Gaziantep, which is famous for its many dishes from kebabs to baklava, is flooded by visitors both from Turkey and abroad. Car rental service is the primary preference of those who arrive the city by air. Those who want to explore the historical texture and cuisine of the city to the full prefer a personal vehicle for a free and comfortable route. For this reason, domestic and foreign tourists benefit from Gaziantep Airport car rental service during their travels. Gaziantep Airport car rental is an ideal service for a problem-free journey since it is very practical and reliable. One of the car rental companies in Gaziantep Airport is Avis.

Gaziantep Airport Car Rental Service with Avis

Avis office is located at the domestic flights terminal of the airport. As soon as the plane lands, you can quickly go to the office and complete the transactions of the vehicle you have reserved and perform the rental service. You can rent the vehicle you want practically for any period of time as long as you meet the car rental conditions determined by Avis. Details such as the segment, brand or model of the vehicle, are entirely up to you. For this reason, it is not possible to give a precise price for Gaziantep Airport car rental prices. All you have to do after Gaziantep Airport car rental is enjoy a pleasant journey. Gaziantep Airport is located in Oğuzeli district of the city. However, places where you can experience the unique flavors and historical places of the city are generally in Şehitkamil district. There is a distance of approximately 45 kilometers between Oğuzeli and Şehitkamil. If you want to have a comfortable journey during arrival and return, you can choose Gaziantep Airport rent a car service. You can also take advantage of side services such as technical service or call support along the way. You can end your journey by returning your rental car to the Avis office on your way back at the end of your trip.

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