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Long-Term Car Rental with Avis Fleet

Leading brand of fleet rental industry in our country, Avis Fleet provides fast and reliable services thanks to its industry experience based on long years, strong financial structure, broad service network including all regions of Turkey, and professional staff. Avis Fleet customers can get a car rental service for a period longer than 12 months, and also benefit from a comprehensive and professional fleet management.

When you want to make a long-term rental from Avis Fleet, you can contact our sales consultants or you can determine the features you need for the vehicle you want and create a quotation for your package in the fastest way possible with our MyAvis service.

What is MyAvis?

MyAvis is our new service that offers a fast, easy and personalized experience for our customers who want to make long-term rentals from Avis Fleet. Via www.avisfilo.com you can view the most suitable vehicles for you by determining your criteria such as brand, model, fuel type and gear type, and get the most suitable price offer for the vehicle or vehicles you have chosen.

If you want to get a quick quotation, you can design your vehicle with Avis Fleet's My Avis service.

Design Your Vehicle

How to use MyAvis?

Vehicle configuration application on our website is very simple. After making your choices in terms of brand, model, fuel and gear type options, you will be presented with a list of vehicles suitable for you. Upon selecting your vehicle, the rental period, annual usage mileage limit is determined on the selected rental vehicle information page and a price quote is offered in line with the selected time and mileage limit. The offer is sent to you via e-mail based on the contact information you have provided to us. After you receive our offer, our authorized sales consultant calls you and informs you about the proceedings of the process. If the contract and conditions are agreed, a rental contract is signed so you can immediately start to enjoy the privilege of joining the Avis Fleet family.

What is the benefit of MyAvis?

MyAvis service provided by Avis Fleet long-term car rental is a fast and easy decision-making service that you can easily access from your computer or phone, allowing you to determine the most suitable vehicle for your desired car rental conditions. After making your choice, you will be contacted by our customer relations department for detailed information. Our vehicles, which are cleaned under fully hygienic conditions, are delivered to you without losing any time, and you can easily access all the information you request. It provides convenience and effective time savings for your company for individual and single leases.

Who can use MyAvis service?

Our corporate rental customers who need a limited number of rental cars during rental periods between 12-48 months can benefit from our MyAvis service.

If your requests exceed a certain number, you can get information from  filosatis@avis.com.tr or by calling 444 09 96.

Design Your Vehicle

Why Long-Term Rental?

Avis Fleet expertise Long-term car rental brings many advantages. The advantages of long-term car rental are as follows.

  • Budget control can be done easily due to the cost determined at the beginning.
  • Since car rental is made for a long period, maintenance and repair services are easily accessible.
  • During the process, transactions such as tax, insurance and back-up are carried out by us.
  • You can get 24/7 support on issues such as roadside assistance and tire management.
  • Time and resource management is carried out by us for corporate long-term car rentals.

 Long-Term Car Rental Prices with Avis Fleet

Long-term car rental application does not have a fixed price. Prices may vary depending on the model, mileage, duration, gear, body, fuel consumption of the vehicle to be rented as well as instant campaigns . It would be appropriate to make choices in order to reach a net price in long-term car rentals and then contact our sales consultants.