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Exclusive Avis Caravan Advantages for Hopi Users!

Exclusive Avis Caravan Advantages for Hopi Users!

Offer terms and conditions:
  • As part of the offer, Hopi users are entitled to receive a 10% discount on list prices from AVIS Caravan, as well as a TRY 50 Paracık bonus.
  • The discount applies to the caravan rental fee only; additional services are not subject to the discount.
  • You can make a reservation here on this page.
  • The prices and reservation shown on this page are exclusive to you.
  • When collecting the caravan, you will be asked to submit the Hopi QR code via the Hopi app. You may not collect the caravan without a valid code.
  • Payment must be made at the time of the reservation.
  • The payment will be collected from the personal credit card of the main driver, who must be present at the Avis office during payment.
  • The driver must be at least 25 years of age, have held a B-class driver’s license for at least two years, have a personal credit card, and paid a deposit of TRY 4,500. Please note that there is a maximum age limit of 75 for drivers.
  • Visit the Avis Caravan rental terms and conditions for cancels and returns.
  • Please send an email to karavan@avis.com.tr or karavanres@avis.com.tr to extend the reservation.
  • Necessary training is provided during collection to ensure safe operation of the caravan. Drivers are required to drive the caravan in accordance with the guidance provided, and are encouraged to ask questions during the training.
  • Camping equipment is offered upon request; the list of equipment provided will be made available during collection/training.
  • A Credit Bureau query is made for each reservation request. (The query is made upon receipt of the reservation request, which may be denied based on the result of the query.)
  • The second driver (first extra driver) may be added to the contract without any extra fee. Please contact the AVIS Call Center for information about additional extra drivers.
  • There is no mileage limit.
  • The offer is valid until December 31, 2023.
  • Paracık bonus will be added to the user’s Hopi account when the caravan is returned and the invoice is made.
  • AVIS general rental terms apply.