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Make Your Office And Date Preference Now For Special Prices For People That Use Hopi!

Avis By Your Side & Hopi

You could not find a rental office at your location, or do not have the time to search for it? Do not worry, AVIS is by your side.

With AVIS By Your Side service, those who rent a car from AVIS can pick up their cars from the point they want and return them wherever they want in Istanbul and İzmir.

Offer and Rental Terms and Conditions
  • The offer is valid from January 6, 2021 to December 31, 2023.
  • The offer only provides a 30% discount + 5% Hopi Points (Paracık) on the net rental amount. Additional services are not included.
  • Reservations can be made on the Avis website or by contacting the call center at + 90 (216) 444 28 47. "Hopi Membership" information must be provided when making reservations through the call center.
  • The offer will become active once the delivery team contacts the Member to confirm their information (vehicle delivery, documentation, address) and the Member provides their Hopi QR code. The vehicle will not be dispatched until full confirmation.
  • The offer applies to daily rentals.
  • AVIS General Rental Terms & Conditions apply.
  • The offer may not be used in conjunction with other ongoing offers of the company.
  • Hopi and AVIS reserve the right to change the terms, conditions, duration and scope of the offer.
  • Hopi Points cannot be applied in payments for cars rented from AVIS.
  • Hopi Points are earned upon invoicing.
  • The offer is only valid at the AVIS Delivery and Collection Offices in Istanbul and Izmir.
  • Vehicles are delivered during the office hours of the relevant AVIS Delivery and Collection Office.
  • The address box must be filled in with the mailing address specified by the customer (home or work address required).
  • The delivery team will contact you ahead of delivery. Delivery times may be delayed by up to approximately one hour, depending on various factors, like traffic . Please contact our call center for any questions regarding our delivery and collection services.
  • Upon reservation, the address information may be changed by contacting the call center at least three hours before delivery.
  • In case of any delays, the call center must be notified three hours in advance.
  • In cases where the delay exceeds one hour or the call center is not notified on time, the rental fee for the day is charged regardless.
  • Car rental fee, additional product and service fees and the deposit are charged on the credit card of the renter at the start of the rental period. The renter must be present at the time of delivery. Credit cards of other individuals are not accepted.
  • The offer applies to passenger cars. It does not apply to motorhomes and motorcycles.