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Qnb First Customers Rent Their Cars At 25% Discount!

QNB First customers rent their cars at 25% discount!

QNB First and QNB First BÜMED owners who prefer Avis for car rentals get 25% discount in all car groups in addition to 30% discount privilege for online reservations made from the campaign page.

Click Here for General Rental and Assurance Conditions.
For instant reservation from anywhere in the world;
444 28 47

Terms of Use
• All QNB First and QNB First BÜMED holders can benefit from the campaign.
• The campaign is valid until 31 December 2023.
• Avis general rental conditions apply.
• It cannot be combined with other campaigns.
• The campaign is limited to fleet opportunities.
• Payment must be made with QNB Finansbank credit card.
• Payment will be made by credit card at the rental office.
• The campaign is valid for domestic rentals.
Payment Methods

Total rental amount and security deposit are collected at the beginning of the rental via the credit card of the person who rented the car. There is no cash payment, debit or virtual card application.

Single credit card of different banks must be submitted for Luxury and Premium car groups. Rental agreement is opened during the rental and is governed according to the laws and practices of country of rental. Avis General Rental Conditions apply for rentals to be made.

The difference in the invoice amount that may occur at the end of the rental will be collected or refunded at the rental point. The credit card holder must be present at the time of rental. It cannot be rented with someone else's credit card. In addition to the rental fee, a certain amount of deposit is collected from the credit card submitted by the customer based on the brand and model of the car to be rented. For this reason, it is necessary to have available limits (equal to the total cost of rental and deposit). At the end of the rental period, the amount collected as a deposit will be returned to the same card after fees which are not included in the reservation such as aforementioned additional services, assurances, deficient fuel, damages, penalties, etc. are deduced. Deposit refunds are reflected on your account within 3-5 business days after the return procedure due to internal communications of the bank.