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A Day in Çorlu

A Day in Çorlu

The first thing you need to do for a day in Çorlu, which has developed largely thanks to the university and industrial zones in the city, should be to rent a car. After you rent a car in Çorlu, you can start a pleasant day with the recommendations we will offer you. You can spend an enjoyable day inspired by the answers to questions such as what to eat in Çorlu, where are places to visit in Çorlu.

Breakfast in Çorlu

A wonderful breakfast experience awaits you in Çorlu with plates of delicious toasts, sandwiches and various homemade breakfast foods. After a nice breakfast that will help you gain the energy you'll need to start the day, you can start touring the region.

Places to Visit in Çorlu

Places to Visit in Çorlu

Vize, which is about 60 km away from Çorlu, is a place where everyone who comes here visits even though it is connected to Kırklareli. Belonging to the Roman period, Vize Castle and the Little Hagia Sophia Church, built in the 6th century and converted into a mosque in the 14th century, are among the buildings worth seeing in Vize.

Another stop you should definitely visit in the region is Asma Kaya Region, which is 2 km northeast of Vize. Asmakaya, which is a rocky valley, draws attention with its houses, caves and churches. The valley, which was a settlement in the earlier Byzantine period, offers a good opportunity to get to know the history of the region closely.

A Delicious Break

We think you will be pleased to take a break for lunch at Saray, which is about 21 km from Vize. There are many nice options in this region that will especially attract the attention of red meat lovers. For those who like to enjoy barbecue, Saray is definitely a place to be preferred. You can continue your trip after a nice feast at lunch with menus of red meat and chicken cooked on wood fire or barbecue.

Continue Exploring

How would you like to explore Saray after your meal? The Ayaspaşa Mosque, built by Grand Vizier Ayas Mehmet Pasha in the 16th century, is one of the most important structures of Saray. The bath of the mosque made of cut stone is also worth seeing. Güneşkaya, 2 km from Saray, should be your next stop. It is also possible to find traces of Chalcolithic age in the region, which hosts traces of the Old Stone Age. Güneşkaya is thought to be the oldest settlement in Tekirdağ.

Evening Pleasure

Evening Pleasure

The first suggestion that stands out in the region for dinner is of course meat dishes. It is possible to say that there are great menus for meatball and liver lovers. Of course, the flavors offered to you in Çorlu are not limited to these. Various delicious seafood dishes are also among the options you can prefer for dinner.

Nightlife in Çorlu

In Çorlu, where the university population is dense, nightlife is also very active in parallel to this fact. If you do not want to end the day early, there are many alternatives you can go. Both the bars of the hotels constantly serving and the venues located in different locations in the city offer different alternatives for you to have a pleasant night in Çorlu.