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A Day in Denizli

A Day in Denizli

We guess that you might have many question marks in your mind as you plan your day in Denizli. In order to solve these, we asked: What are the places to visit in Denizli? How to get to Pamukkale? What to eat in Denizli? And prepared a small guide for you based on the answers we received from the locals of the city. The first thing to do to explore Denizli in a comfortable way is to rent a car. You can start exploring right after you complete your car rental process in Denizli.

Breakfast in Denizli

We recommend that you start the day with a nice breakfast before your Denizli trip. Yen pastry, cızlama, cowpea pastry are some of the breakfast foods you can taste in Denizli. If you want to have a quieter breakfast, you can enjoy a great breakfast with tulum cheese, phyllo bread and egg salad.

Places to Visit in Denizli

Places to Visit in Denizli

We recommend that you allocate the morning hours for Pamukkale, which is the first place that comes to mind when you think of Denizli. Pamukkale travertines, about 17 km from the center, is an impressive place on the UNESCO World Heritage List. You can start exploring the nearby destinations after the travertines that will teleport you to another world for a few hours. You can complete the first part of the day by visiting Laodicea Ancient City, 12 km from Pamukkale, and Hierapolis, approximately 5 km away from there.

A Delicious Break

Lamb's head cooked on coal is one of the most popular lunch dishes for locals of Denizli. One of the unique tastes of the city, Denizli pita is another flavor they recommend for lunch. You can enjoy a delicious lunch break with pita prepared with egg and minced meat.

Continue Exploring

Continue Exploring

Güney Waterfall, which is about 71 km from the center, is among the places to visit in Denizli. Resembling a bride's veil, the waterfall offers a great opportunity to meet nature. The next stop after the waterfall can be Buldan, 33 km away, famous for its historical houses. Do not forget to buy Buldan weaving for your loved ones at the end of your trip! Renting a car in Denizli means being able to easily go to Kaklık Cave, which is 71 km from Buldan. A mysterious journey awaits you in the cave, which is called "small Pamukkale" because of the travertines.

Evening Pleasure in Denizli

There is no better option than a dinner to relieve your fatigue at the end of a pleasant day. If you want to reward yourself with a wonderful dinner, you can end this beautiful day with lamb loin, şaşlık, çentik kebab or beef ribs. You can also choose one of the places in the city that stand out with seafood and appetizers.

Nightlife in Denizli

There are different alternatives in Denizli for those who want to continue the night from where they left off. You can end the night in many venues hosting live performances, especially on weekends.