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Sanliurfa Car Rental

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Sanliurfa Town



Monday - Sunday 08:30 - 18:30
Şanlıurfa Rent A Car

Şanlıurfa Rent A Car

Şanlıurfa, Turkey's seventh largest city, is known as the City of Prophets. Şanlıurfa, which is also the city of legends, is considered as one of the most important settlement sites in human history. Since the world's oldest statue and temple were discovered in Göbeklitepe, it led to a dramatic increase in the number of local and foreign tourists visiting Şanlıurfa. As a result, Şanlıurfa stands out as a city where the demands for car rental are increasing. Domestic and foreign tourists, who arrive by different transportation routes, prefer to have comfort and convenience in urban transportation by taking advantage of Şanlıurfa car rental services.

Access to Avis Şanlıurfa rent a car office, which is open between the hours 08:30-18:00, is extremely easy thanks to its central location. Reservation details of customers who place their online reservations through the website or the Contact Center are immediately forwarded to the relevant office. In this way, when they go to the office with the reservation number, they pick up the vehicles prepared for them. Through Şanlıurfa rent a car services, visitors can also enjoy discovering every point of Şanlıurfa, which is also known as the Museum City. If they want to return the vehicle they have rented to a point other than the point they picked up, they can determine the return point accordingly. Thus, they can plan their travel routes as they wish and enjoy a comfortable, safe and flexible journey. With Avis' high quality service and large fleet consisting of regularly maintained latest model vehicles, they can rent the vehicle they want at the most affordable prices and focus only on the beautiful memories they will collect during their journey. At the same time, they can enjoy the historical and natural beauties of the cities on their travel routes with their comfortable, affordable and high security vehicles, and they can solve all their work quickly and easily with the flexibility of making their transportation plans in a free way.

Şanlıurfa Tour Guide

Airport Offices

Sanliurfa Airport


Telefon 0414 214 27 31

Monday - Sunday 08:00 - 21:00