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A Day in Adıyaman

A Day in Adıyaman

Mount Nemrut, where magnificence and mystery, aesthetics and history meet, will be the highlight of your day in Adıyaman. However, what you will see in the city is not limited to Nemrut. Renting a car is the first thing you need to do to have a pleasant day in the city where the traces of the Commagene Kingdom will appear on every corner. You can immediately rent a car from Avis Adıyaman rent a car office. After completing your Adıyaman car rental process, you can plan your trip by checking the guide we prepared based on the recommendations we received from the people living in the city. What to eat in Adıyaman? What are the historical places of Adıyaman? You can start the trip after making your plan with answers to these questions.

Breakfast in Adıyaman

The first recommendation of locals of Adıyaman for breakfast is a mixed breakfast consisting of local flavors. In this way, you can find the opportunity to experience various flavors of the city. The main items of the breakfast tables are fresh sheet bread, pancake and dövmeç.

Historical Places of Adıyaman

Historical Places of Adıyaman

The first place that comes to mind when we talk about Adıyaman is Mount Nemrut. Seeing the distance between the city and this natural wonder, you will be very pleased that you have rented a car. The mountain, about 80 km from the city center, is a special spot included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The area (full name Nemrut Mountain National Park) includes the Karakuş Tumulus, Cendere Bridge and Yeni Kale in addition to the mountain.

Karakuş Tumulus is home to tombs belonging to the women of the Commagene royal family, which dominated the region in the past. It is estimated that the 21m monument at its entrance was built in the 1st century BC. The most impressive point of the mountain is the terraces decorated with King Antiochos, god, goddess, lion and eagle statues. It is not easy to describe the feeling of walking around the 7-meter high stone sculptures. However, we can say that an unforgettable experience awaits you at Mount Nemrut.

After Mount Nemrut, you can divert your route to Cendere Bridge. The bridge over the Cendere Stream, a branch of the Kahta Stream, was built in the 2nd century. After seeing this beautiful bridge, you can end your trip at the Yeni Castle belonging to Commagene Kingdom.

A Delicious Break

A Delicious Break

You can experience local cuisine at restaurants near Nemrut Mountain National Park. Do not leave the city without tasting the famous Adıyaman Çiğ Köfte. If you want to eat with a different view, you can eat trout in the venues with a view of Kahta Stream.

Continue Exploring

Continue Exploring

Perre, one of the most important cities of Commagene, is one of the ancient cities you must see. After the historical city, you can proceed towards Haydaran Rock Tombs, which is about 11 km away. The relief depicting the Sun God Helios and Antiochos, King of Commagene, shaking hands is the most striking part of the tomb. Palanlı Cave is 10 kilometers away from Haydaran. Do not forget to see the deer figure thought to belong to the Paleolithic period in the cave with a mysterious atmosphere.

Evening Pleasure

For dinner, locals of Adıyaman recommend local dishes such as wrapped beyti, ravioli, döğmeç, tandır kebab, tırşik, Adıyaman meatballs, meyir soup and tevenk rolls. The best finale to a pleasant and delicious dinner is the famous Şillik dessert.

Nightlife in Adıyaman

Nightlife in Adıyaman

If you want to continue the night after dinner, you can prefer the bars and cafés located in the hotels in the city.

Adıyaman Car Rental

You can discover the beauties of the city more easily and quickly by renting a car from the Avis Adıyaman rent a car offices. You can make your booking for renting a car in Adıyaman by phone or via our website.

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