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A Day in Gaziantep

A Day in Gaziantep

The first thing you need to do to enjoy Gaziantep to the fullest is to rent a car, because there are so many beauties to explore in this city. After completing your car rental with Avis, you will need to plan an efficient trip. You are lucky to start the day in Gaziantep, the culinary wonderland. The best cream and pistachio katmer and baklava, the most delicious kebab and liver are just some of the beauties of Gaziantep. Gaziantep, one of the gourmet stops of Turkey, is also a vibrant city in terms of historical places. What to eat in Antep in just one day? What are the historical places that should be seen in Antep? We asked these questions to the locals of the city and prepared a pleasant travel guide with the answers we received.

Gaziantep Breakfast

Forget all the breakfasts you know, in this city where eating is a very different experience. It is quite usual to start the day with beyran soup in the city and all Gaziantep locals recommend this experience to visitors. If beyran soup is a too heavy dish for you to start, you can have breakfast with chickpea wrap, liver, batma cream, famous katmer and milk duo.

Historical Places of Gaziantep

Historical Places of Gaziantep

After your breakfast, you will be ready to set off. Gaziantep is a very rich city in terms of historical places. The first stop you will visit to discover the roots of the city may be Yesemek Open Air Museum. The open air museum located in Yesemek Village, about 100 km from the city center, is a fascinating place where many sculptures from the Hittites are exhibited. Yesemek, where you can see about 500 sculptures together, is one of the biggest open air museums in the Middle East.

A Delicious Break

If your discovery of Yesemek made you very hungry, you do not need to go to the city center.  You can find the most delicious dishes in İslahiye, which is 23 km from Yesemek. If you think it is worth to wait until the city center to taste Gaziantep cuisine, dishes such as alinazik, eggplant kebab, altıezmeli, pistachio kebab, cartlak kebab and külbastı are waiting for you in the city center... If you are in Gaziantep, the heaven of kebab, everyone will say that you have to eat kebab for lunch. A delicious menengiç coffee and a baklava on top of your meal will help you to relieve all your tiredness in an instant.

Continue Exploring

Continue Exploring

Bey Neightborhood is a unique place where time stands still. The most fun activity to do in Gaziantep after lunch is to get lost in the streets of the historical neighborhood. The neighborhood, which is the cultural heritage of Gaziantep, promises unforgettable hours with its mansions, museums (Gaziantep Ethnography Museum, Gaziantep Atatürk Museum and Gaziantep Toy Museum) and narrow streets.

Bakırcılar Bazaar, one of the most important bazaars of the Ottoman Empire in the east, is the right place to continue your tour in the center. Founded in the 16th century, the bazaar is one of the most beautiful corners in Gaziantep where you can experience the exoticism of the East.

You have every right to see Zeugma after the historical bazaar. Zeugma Mosaic Museum is one of the symbols of Gaziantep, where mosaics survived from the Roman city Zeugma flooded by the dam are exhibited. You will admire the Zeugma Mosaic Museum, where the Gypsy Girl, considered one of the most beautiful mosaics in the world, is exhibited.

Evening Pleasure in Gaziantep

Evening Pleasure in Gaziantep

If saw the must-see places in Gaziantep in one day and have a sweet fatigue, it's time for dinner. You can have the magnificent final to your culinary journey with küşleme. This special flavor prepared with nerveless mutton must be accompanied with spoon salad. There is no limit to the flavors you will discover in Gaziantep. Şiveydiz, beyran, yuvalama are some of the soups you might want to try. When it comes to main dishes, there are many flavors you can prefer instead of küşleme. Onion kebab, borani, garlic dish, liver stew, and süzek are among the recommended flavors.

Nightlife in Gaziantep

If the day is not over for you yet and you are curious about the nightlife in Gaziantep, you can choose the venues where live performances are organized. In addition to many alternative venues to continue the night in the city, you can also prefer concept venues that serve in the hotels.

Gaziantep Car Rental

After completing your car rental transactions from Avis Gaziantep office, you can discover the beauties of the city more comfortably and quickly. You can make your booking for renting a car in Gaziantep by phone or via our website.

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