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Kars Harakani Airport


Pazartesi - Pazar 08:00 - 18:00


In Kars, the highest city of Turkey, there is one thing to raise you even higher: AVIS! To make your Kars trip better, your first stop can be AVIS Kars Airport Car Rental Office when you land at Kars Airport. At Kars Airport AVIS Car Rental Office, you can find the vehicle you want, which best suits the conditions and you. Congratulations, AVIS is the right choice. Now, we can get to know Kars. Different cultures have lived and continue to live together in this city, where traces of history are very evident. You stepped into the city and AVIS is with you. We will consume a lot of energy during the day, so let us gather energy with dishes unique to Kars first, what do you think? You had a great start to the day with Kars cheese and Kars pastry. AVIS has full energy, and if you have too, our first stop can be Kars Castle. Kars Castle, which is a touch of every history, has a history definitely worth knowing. It was built in 1153 AD upon the order of Saltuk Sultan Melik Izzeddin, by his vizier Firuz Akay. The castle, which started to be built in the 12th century, was destroyed by Timur in 1386, and afterwards the castle and façade walls were rebuilt by Lala Mustafa Pasha who came to Kars upon the order of Ottoman Sultan Murad III in 1579. It was destroyed during the 40-year Russian occupation after the Ottoman-Russian war in 1877-1878, and lost its original feature and use. It is really impressive. After experiencing the history of Kars Castle with your car you rent from Kars Airport AVIS Car Rental Office, you set off for an art tour. AVIS's recommendation is Namık Kemal House. This house, where Namık Kemal spend his childhood, opened its doors to visitors with the name Aşıklar Evi (House of Lovers) after renovation works. By the way, it is impossible to leave Kars without eating goose and rice. Let us set off without forgetting it and taste this unique flavor of Kars. If you want to continue with nature, we an suggest you another place that you should not leave without seeing: Allahuekber Mountains National Park. You will make a historical inner journey in these mountains with a past full of struggles. Kars is a high city and you are tired, right? AVIS is not tired, you better have some rest, AVIS will be with you whenever you want. 

Kars' ı Keşfet

Şehir Ofisleri



Telefon 0474 219 29 32

Pazartesi - Pazar 08:00 - 18:00